Cyrus is an NPC who can be found throughout the city.


* means that Cyrus may sometimes not appear at the location.


At the city hall:

"Dude. Now this is a comfy couch."

"Yep. Just taken her easy."

"Sitting. 'It's way better than standing' I always say."

At Skate or Cry:

"That blue one on the top looks awesome. I could just stare at it for hours."

At the clinic:

"I feel like a circus full of ants is tight roping all over me. Dude... maybe I can sell tickets to my ant circus?"

At S.I.T:

"Dude. I'm totally going to find a job as soon as I get my intelligence past 500. It should only take another year or two."

At Wally Mart:

"Dude. That is the craziest picture I have ever seen. I could stare at it for hours."

At 11-Seven:

"Uuuhh... hmmm... now, what has artificial cheese flavoring?"

"Jelly rolls... more like jelly ROLLS! Heh... wait, that's not a joke."

"Off to play vids as soon as I pick the right kind of junk food... but which one is the right one, man??? So many possibilities..."

"Do they make cheese roll-ups, or is it only with fruit?"

"Cheese roll-ups... now that's what I need..."

At the club:

"Totally! They totally feel strawberry sounding!"

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