Dark Lord Pic

Sythia at the Benjamin Club

The Dark Lord job is based off the Sith in the Star Wars series, and is found in the Benjamin Club (Sythia). You must have 680 Intelligence, 850 Strength and Negative Karma to be able to get the job, and for promotions you must have Strength and Intelligence to get promotions. For maxing out the job, you get the Dark Laser Sword which is the third tier glowy sword. The second tier glowy sword is obtainable from the Jebediah Council.


  • Force Fail | $220 " You learned about Dark side "
  • Apprentice | $265 " You practised the dark arts "
  • Dark Adept | $310 " You are starting to get this 'dark' stuff"
  • Villain | $360 " You went on evil mission, doing evil things with evil people. "
  • Choke Artist | $420 " You learn how to choke people with your mind. Great skill to have "
  • Lightning Lasher | $495 " Let there be lightning"
  • Fallen Knight | $495 " You took care some some do-gooders"
  • Dark Side Devout | $705 " Just another regular day in the life of a Dark Lord "
  • Maleovolent Master | $850 " You continued with you plan for world domination. Its coming along "
  • Darff | $999 w/ Dark Laser Sword " You spent the day being feared by entire galaxy. It was tough day"

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