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Inside of Dimension Banks

Dimension Banks is the only bank in all of Paper Thin City. You can deposit money inside the ATM, and earn money by the interest rate.

There seems to be no staff in the booths, so you have to use the bank machine all the time.

Buying Housing

The following houses can be purchased in Dimension Banks

  • Condo for $65,000
  • Penthouse for 275,000
  • Mansion for $1,300,000

Buying Assets

The following assets and businesses can be purchased from Dimension Banks

(Take note that it takes two weeks for 1 payment)

  • Ice Cream 32 for $17,500
  • Skate/Cry for $29,700
  • Stickbucks for $186,000
  • McSticks for $475,000
  • Casino for $1,790,000
  • WallyMart for $3,800,000

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