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To gain strength you can work out at the gym. There are multiple NPCs that will be lifting weights. There are two ways to gain strength. The room consists of a boxing ring, 5 weights on the ground, 9 dumb bells, 4 boxing bags and 3 bench presses. 



Emma "Extreme" - Strength training

Broski - Strength training


Jimmy - "Hey punk, you want to spar?"

Barkeep - "Hey mate, Whad'ya say we throw on the ol' mitts and have a go?"

Chubs McSlaughter - "The consequences will never be the same!"

Jed "The Shed" Dinski - "They don't call me "The Shed" for nothing."

Joe "The Tooth" Malhony - "You ready to rumble?"

Decorative NPCs

Badass Bouncer Brad - "I'm here to work out, not to make friends." Decorative NPC

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor - In boxing ring Decorative NPC

Captain Phalkin - In boxing ring Decorative NPC

Mic - Watching the fight Decorative NPC

Li'l Mac - Watching the fight Decorative NPC

Danny - Watching the fight Decorative NPC

Jed "The Shed" Dinski - Watching the fight Decorative NPC (When fight is on)

Joe "The Tooth" Malhony - Watching the fight Decorative NPC

Doc - Watching the fight Decorative NPC

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