Emma 'Extreme'

Emma 'Extreme' is a gym trainer who works at the Easy Gym. She is only there in the morning. She can train your character in the strength stat for $140 a session. Each session lasts two hours.


"I'm here every morning teaching my extreme workout program. You ready to get EXTREEEEME!?"

Workout Scenarios

Extreme ab workout! (+11 Strength)

Extreme kicking and punching 'in the air' workout! (+12 Strength)

Extreme yoga! (+13 Strength)

Extreme powerlifting! (+14 Strength)

Extreme workout! (+14 Strength)

Spin class kicked ass! (+15 Strength)

Extreme circuit training! (+16 Strength)

You read a textbook while doing your extreme cardio workout. (+24 Strength, +8 Intelligence)

Advanced plyometrics workout. You almost died. (+35 Strength)

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