Escort is a job in Stick RPG 2 that requires charm and negative karma. It pays $999 at most.

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This job is only avalaible in 4th island as part of the Director's Cut. To be an Escort, you need charm and negative karma.

To work as an Escort, click on He-Pimp Harvey, who wears a purple hat and leans against Jim's Gym behind a streetlight.


Rent Boy - Salary : $210 per shift " You got rented by the hour"

Brothel Bro - Salary : $250 per shift "You made the girls happy"

Fallen Fella - Salary : $300 per shift You 'got the job done'.

Handy Hooker - Salary : $338 per shift "You 'took care of business.'

Call Dude - Salary : $420 per shift "You spent the night 'on call.'

Man Whore - Salary : $520 per shift 'You let her have it.'

Gentleman Gigolo - Salary $640 per shift 'You worked your corner.'

Lady Killer - Salary $705 per shift 'You slayed a dragon.'

Money Stud - Salary $850 per shift 'You traded services for money.'

Super Meat Boy - Salary $999(+ a Crab) per shift 'You're "King Meat" on the street.'

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