The Graffiti Artist is a job in Paper Thin City. You can have negative or positive karma to work here. You just need +35 charm if you want to work. You are payed to spray tag buildings and vandalize property for money. You can find Liam near the Old Abandoned Warehouse to start the job.



Here the business

Promotions come with every 3 shifts worked. 

The ranks of a graffiti artist are :

  • Vandal | $16
  • Territorial Tagger | $18
  • Stealthy Senciler | $22
  • Aerosol Activist | $24
  • Subway Sprayer | $27
  • Boxcar Burner | $34
  • Bandanna Bandit | $38
  • Masterpiece Muralist | $49
  • Wildstyle Pioneer | $64
  • Infamous Artist | $82 w/ Empty Paint Can


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