​Hacker is a job you get at StickBucks by talking to Eliot Axor.


In order to be a Hacker, the player must have bad karma, 60 intelligence and a crackbook (You can get it in Wally-Mart) and you go to work in StickBucks.

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n00b - Salary : $30 per shift " You guessed password all day. You're such a n00b "

Script Kiddie - Salary : $46 per shift "You ran someone else's gold farming script for a while"

Phisher - Salary : $62 per shift " A few gullible suckers responded to your phony online payment E-mail with their account details."

Identity Thief - Salary : $88 per shift "Your key logger captured credit card numbers, bank account information and personal details"

Grey Hat - Salary : $95 per shift "You found a hole in a corporate firewall and sold it to them for a reasonable price"

Corporate Saboteur - Salary : $110 per shift " You hacked in and stole corporate information for an anonymous client."

Botnet Architect - Salary : $125 per shift "Your sold the services of your botnet to the highest bidder."

Security Expert Double-Agent - Salary : $157 per shift " You exploited vital online information "

Black Hat Ring Leader - Salary : $185 per shift " Your team of hackers planted infomation in a military database and blackmailed the department of defense"

1337 H4X0R - Salary : $220 per shift " You funnelled national treasury into your personal Swiss bank account"

When you reach the max rank (1337 H4X0R), Elliot Axor will give you The Internet, which gives you +50 intelligence.

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