In order to be a Hitman, the player must have 180 strength and bad Karma. It is a fairly well paying job. After that, head to Vinnie's on the 3rd island. There, you will find Vinnie, who will then give you the job.


Guerilla Gunner $105 Whacked
Lunatic Liquidator $133 Target Eliminated
Precise Plugger $147 Boom! Headshot!
Natural Born Killer $172 You made quick work of him
Elite Eliminator $201 Another day, another dead guy
Mr. Clean $232 You cleaned up someone else's mess
Ninja Assasin $270 You ninja'd your target to death
Tactical Sniper $310 You blew him away from 1000 paces
Pro $357 + Secret Weapon Vinnie gave you a high profile target; another clean kill
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When you reach the max rank of Pro, Vinnie will give you the Secret Weapon, the most powerful type of the AK47 guns.


Stick RPG 2 Wikia Pic 2

One of the Random Events that can occur.

Working as a Hitman is equal to a double-edged sword, if you are lucky, Vinnie will give you large amounts of cash. Whereas if you are unlucky, you will end up in jail.
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Hitman's boss, Vinnie, is a clear reference to the Sift Heads game series, where the main character happens to be a hitman also called Vinnie.
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