Hot Hot Ho is a porn DVD store found in Paper Thin City.


Hot Hot Ho is found on the First Island. It is squeezed in between a garage and Gambleville. It is kept in nice condition compared to the rest of the buildings, with a neon sign and a complete sign.The door has a red rug lying in front.

Inside, the entire store has a floor of red carpet. The walls are lined with videos and some posters of stickwomen. There is a shelf of videos in the center, and two cashier spots are in front of it. It is open all day round.



The only NPC here is the store clerk, Roy.

Outside, however, Error will be at the side of the store.

Out of two choices:

Roy: What are you into? I'm sure I can find it on DVD.

Roy: (The clerk is engaged in 'reviewing' the new arrivals.)

Out of three choices:

Error: There was an unexpected error in the property page: The transfer syntax is not supported by the command (0x80070462). Please close dialogue box and try again.

Error: I am Error.

Error: The error is most obvious at night when I, Error, am least obvious.


In the afternoon, Devin is in the store along with Roy. Roy will say the same things as above. Error will still be outside.

Devin (If you don't have enough Negative Karma): Get lost yuppie, I only talk to bad boys.


Once again, Roy is all alone, with Error hanging out in the back. They will say the same things aforementioned.


At night, Steel and Ashkon are browsing the selections. Outside, the Lady of the Evening will appear, blowing bubble gum.

Steel: *Squawk* Quiet! We're in a store.

Ashkon: Sure I have the internets, but the quality is so much better on DVD.

Lady of the Evening: Hey sugar.. looking for a good time?

Store Items

Item Price Effect Description
XXX DVD $15 Can be given to Skater Punk for Skateboard The case reads 'Call of Booty 4: Maiden Chest Hair 2'. The cover contains pictures of people that seem to have temporarily misplaced their clothing.
Ditto* Ditto Ditto Ditto
Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto
Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto

Note: Ditto means 'same'.


  • Despite Roy asking you for a preference, the DVDs he sells are all the same, most likely due to XGen being plain lazy.
    • This could also be in order to save the player time and money trying to find out what kind of porn the Skater Punk is into.
  • Error may be a hint that Roy was intended to have a brother outside of the store, as they are similarly colored.
    • If stickmen were related based on color, however, that would mean that the player would be related to every cop in Paper Thin City.
    • Also, Duncan and Giovanni may be related, and they are differently colored.

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