Used to marry Kate. One of the attributes on your ID.

Some jobs require it: Doctor (also needs positive Karma), Corporate Zombie, Video Game Developer, Hacker (also needs negative Karma).

How to Increase

  • Being lucky in jobs.
  • Going to school (These may have 'events' that can give you extra, or be bad, that is, giving minus intelligence or other stats.)
    • Talk to Professor Longbottom at the U of SA. -$165, varies from +12 to +15 intelligence. Morning to start of afternoon.
    • Tutor Tim. -$25, gives +2 to +4 intelligence. Morning to end of afternoon.
  • Being lucky doing other things (e.g. one event in the Easy Gym with Emma 'Extreme' can give you +24 Strength, +8 Intelligence)

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