One of the 4 attributes on your ID card. Some jobs require positive karma, others need negative karma.

How to Increase

  • Doing good deeds.
  • Being lucky in jobs.
  • Fighting a mobster (the one behind 'Steel and Hawk', +62 Karma, +4 strength) he respawns every 10 days.
  • Buying ID Card from the police station. (+25 Karma)
  • Give the Trophemons to Animal Activist Annie. +25 each, last will give +45 Karma, +25 Charm.
  • Eating Angel Food Cake (+50 Karma)

How to Decrease

  • Doing bad deeds.
  • Being 'lucky' in jobs.
  • Buying ID card from the illegal seller. (-25 Karma)
  • Give the Trophemons to the Eccentric Billionaire, which can also nets you a 1000$.
  • Eating Devil Food Cake (-50 Karma)

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