The McSticks, May Be Old!


From the outside.

McSticks is a fast food restaurant in the Third Island, Paper Thin City and in the Stick RPG city "Megamalonia". The name McSticks is a based on the real-life fast food restaurant, McDonalds. You do not need any requirements to become a McSticks Employee and you can be promoted. Promotions come with every 5 shifts worked.

In the game, you can buy it for $475,000.


Name Price Effect Description
Milk Shake $7 +10HP

Restores 10 health. Oh, and it's chocolate.

Fries $12 +18HP

Restores 18 health. They look salty and delicious.

Cheese Burger $25 +30HP Restores 30 health. (Pickles included!)
Grand Slam Burger $75 +100HP

+2 Strength

Restores 100 health and over 9000 deliciousnesses.


The ranks at McSticks are:

  • Pickle Popper - $5 per shift. "You flipped burgers all day long, yay."
  • Cheddar Shredder - $7 per shift. "Another grease filled nightmare"
  • Fry Friar - $9 per shift. "You fried fries like a champ"
  • Lieutenant Wrapper - $11 per shift. "Another day, another dollar."
  • Milkshake Sommelier - $13 per shift. "Shake Shake Shake...SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!"
  • Secret Saucier - $15 per shift. "You succesfully mixed mayo,thousand island, and ketchup together."
  • Major Mayo - $17 per shift. "What a major pain in the ass. You need a better job."
  • Commander Ketchup - $19 per shift. "You worked a full shift and got paid."
  • Colonel Mustard - $25 per shift. "You worked a drive-through. It sucked."
  •  McManager- $35 per shift and Free Food Card. "You watched all over the lackeys."


  • Manager Mildred: " McStick's has excellent employee benefits such as... bathroom breaks... oh, and 5% off food during your shift!"
  • McStick's Employee Matty: "Welcome to McStick's, where you can Coronary-Size any meal for a dollar. Would you like fries with your fries? "
  • Liam: "Hey Junior, you want a job come see me later. We tag &%$# every night by The Old Abandoned Warehouse. (Shows up at the afternoon)"
  • Sacha: "A lot of people hate this place. I &%$*ing love it!", " I heard that crazy old Ansel's lab finally got shut down" (Shows up at the afternoon.) (Liam and Sacha are present every night at front of The Old Abandoned Warehouse. They will give you job as a[Artist|Gravitti Artist] for 35 charm.)
  • Zev: "Go ahead of me bro, I dont know what I want yet.", "You need something, then you see me tonight. I don't do business during the day." (Zev is present every night and will give you job as Drug Dealer if you have negative karma, and sufficient intelligence and strength. He is located on the corner between "The Lab" and several unnamed buildings in the first screen.
  • Eastside Mobsters "I love street fights.", "^$*# you " (Outside McSticks at night when you haven't fought them already. Clicking on either of them will force a fight. They wield a baseball bat and pistol. Upon winning, you will get smokes, money and strength.)

Random scenes while working in McSticks.

  • Yes! You finally won "Employee of the month!" They kept telling you that you weren't EOTM material, but you showed them! (+$1000, +8 Charm)
  • The owner stopped by personally to tell you how much he appreciates your dediation and work. You must be doing something right. (+18 Charm).
  • You broke up a food fight in the dining room. Way to keep the peace, chief, you have ketchup and special sauce all over you. (+5 Strength, -5 Charm).
  • While unloading the grocery order, you managed to throw your back out -- and the manager gave you a bonus for it! long as you keep your mouth shut, that is. (+300, +1 Strength, +5 Charm)
  • While making fries, you managed to splash fryer oil all over the place, and even burnt your hand a little. Rookie mistake, kid. (-3 Intelligence)


  • The quote "Another day, another dollar." from when you work as a Lieutenant Wrapper is based on Spongebob Squarepants from the episode "Funny Pants".

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