A Milkman is a job that you need strength and experience to level up in. The Maxed out job reward is a cowbell (+10 Strength and Charm).

The ranks are:

  • Udder Man ($13 per shift)
  • Skim Salesman ($15 per shift)
  • One-Percent Purveyor ($18 per shift)
  • Two Percent Traveller ($21 per shift)
  • Milk Truck Pilot ($23 per shift)
  • Milk Moustache Facilitator ($26 per shift)
  • Cream Consultant ($32 per shift)
  • Lord of Lactose ($40 per shift)
  • Duke of Dairy ($45 per shift)
  • Milk Messiah ($60 per shift)

You get employed at 11-Seven.

Random Events

Awesome Job!
While making a routine delivery, a middle-aged lady in a bathrobe asked you to come in for a drink. You still can't believe you turned her down. +10 Karma, +7 Charm

You just scored a new milk deal with a restaurant chain--That's worth something.

+1,500 dollars

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