To be a pianist, you need 550 Charm and a director cut, because the pianist job are in The Dangling Pianist and its on 4th island, The Dangling Pianist are next to the Bakery and you can do the job on evening.


Chop Sticks Chopper - Salary : $105 per shift, "You poorly played piano."

Keyboard Kiddie - Salary : $145 per shift, "You rambled off some notes."

Poser Pianist - Salary : $180 per shift, "Mary had a little lamb is getting old."

Makeshift Musician - Salary : $220 per shift, "You mashed the keys."

Solid Soloist - Salary : $265 per shift, "Another solid perfomance."

Contemporary Contender - Salary : $330 per shift, "Another day playing piano."

Concert Pianist - Salary : $385 per shift, "You rocked the cash bar."

Piano Pioneer - Salary : $445 per shift, "You killed some chords. "

Master Pianist - Salary : $505 per shift "You showed off your master piano skills."

Grand Master Pianist - Salary : $625 per shift "You raised the roof. Piano Style."

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