In order to be a police officer, you must have fairly high strength and good Karma.

It is a fairly well paying job as you might expect.


The ranks of a Police Officer are:

  • Meter Maid - Salary: $32 per shift
  • Gumshoe - Salary: $38 per shift
  • Highway Patrol - Salary: $50 per shift
  • State Trooper - Salary: $65 per shift
  • Captain - Salary: $82 per shift
  • Undercover Agent - Salary: $101 per shift
  • SWAT Team - Salary: $119 per shift
  • Special Agent - Salary: $138 per shift
  • Hostage Negotiator - Salary: $150 per shift
  • Chief of Police - Salary: $165 per shift, gives Combat Shotgun

Random Events

The Random Events that can happen as a Police Officer are:

  • Through an anonymous tip you found a stash of drugs in the old abandoned warehouse. You are truly a hero of the people. (+15 Karma +33 Charm)
  • The chief finally gave you your overtime bonus. Pfft... took long enough. (+$4,750)
  • You aced your annual fitness test -- Go you! (+16 Strenght +8 Charm)
  • You caught a guy peddling drugs at the dance bar; way to keep the streets clean. (+18 Karma +11 Strength)
  • You caught a cyber criminal mastermind hatching a pyramid scheme. (+10 karma +28 intelligence)
  • You gave a talk to some kids at a local elementary school about bullying, but they all just wanted to hold your gun. (+20 Karma +7 Strength +19 Charm)
  • You won the headshooting contest. (+$2000)

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