In order to be a police officer, you must have positive karma and 75 strength. Promotions are given after strength and karma go up. You can be promoted after working three times if you have the required strength and positive karma.

It is a fairly well paying job with the benefit of getting the Combat Shotgun, a very useful fighting tool.


The ranks of a Police Officer are:

  • Meter Maid - Salary: $32 per shift
  • Gumshoe - Salary: $38 per shift
  • Highway Patrol - Salary: $50 per shift
  • State Trooper - Salary: $65 per shift
  • Captain - Salary: $82 per shift
  • Undercover Agent - Salary: $101 per shift
  • SWAT Team - Salary: $119 per shift
  • Special Agent - Salary: $138 per shift
  • Hostage Negotiator - Salary: $150 per shift
  • Chief of Police - Salary: $165 per shift, gives Combat Shotgun

Random Events

The Random Events that can happen as a Police Officer are:

  • Through an anonymous tip you found a stash of drugs in the old abandoned warehouse. You are truly a hero of the people. (+15 Karma +33 Charm)
  • The chief finally gave you your overtime bonus. Pfft... took long enough. (+$4,750)
  • You aced your annual fitness test -- Go you! (+16 Strenght +8 Charm)
  • You caught a guy peddling drugs at the dance bar; way to keep the streets clean. (+18 Karma +11 Strength)
  • You caught a cyber criminal mastermind hatching a pyramid scheme. (+10 karma +28 intelligence)
  • You gave a talk to some kids at a local elementary school about bullying, but they all just wanted to hold your gun. (+20 Karma +7 Strength +19 Charm)
  • You won the headshooting contest. (+$2000)