Professor Ansel is a major character in Stick RPG 2. He can be seen in U of S all the time, he stays in the classroom and will give you the mission of finding the 4D objects: 4D hypercube, Klein Bottle and Mobius strip. Depending on how you talk to him at the beginning of the game you will get positive or negative karma. If you find all the things, give it to him and he will give you the lab keys.

Warning-Spoiler Alert

He is a boss you will have to defeat his cronies, including his assistant Greg and defeat him. He will use a Secret Futuristic Weapon. When you defeat him he will go through a portal which will send him to the real world.

How to get the lab key

First, you must go to U of S that located on the 2nd island. and you must have the 4D Hypercube . Then the second you must have Klein Bottle. And the last, you must have the mobius strip and finally you get the lab key.

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