Pro Skater:

  • Rad Bull Sponsorship+$3500
  • Tried to ollie a parked car with a hot chic -8 STR -5 CHA
  • Placed 1st in the vert competition+$3100 +21 CHA
  • hot skater chicks +21 CHA
  • Tore up the skatepark +12 STR +11 CHA
  • Breaking down footage +23 INT
  • Sick new Grab Trick+9 INT
  • Skated in no skate zone -CHA
  • 720 Japan Air+9 STR +14 CHA
  • Magazine named you boarder of the year +$2300
  • fell on you're Head-12 INT
  • Broke you're board -$500
  • Splitting you're nuts trying to rail -3 CHA


  • you're Assanation robot kit

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