Professor is a Director's Cut profession located in the S.I.T. building on the 4th Island.

The Professor boss is the Chancellor Dean, a stick figure with a dark green head in the lobby of the S.I.T. building. You can work as a Professor in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night.  Each shift lasts about 6 hours.


To become a Professor, you must have 900 Intelligence.

To be promoted, you must increase Intelligence.


Egg Head $130 You pretended to know what you are doing.
Teachers Assistant $240 You assisted in teaching.
Instructor $350 You instructed.
Lecture Lasher $460 You put the class to sleep with a 3 hour rant.
Elaborate Educator $570 You taught a science class.
Lab Rat $680 You helped man the lab.
Scientist $790 You smoothly ran the research department.
Master Chemist $900 You conjured concoctions.
Astrophysicist $1,010 You worked on calculating the meaning of life. Hint - it's 42.
Rocket Scientist $1,120 + Tesla Helmet Well it's not brain surgery...

Random Events

"Your research provided another stunning breakthrough in Astrophysics" (+35 Intelligence, +20 Charm)

"You rearranged the tables in your classroom. Tough work." (+40 Strength)

"Another 'professional day'. You got the day off to go drink with co-workers. How professional." (+22 Charm)

"The cafeteria served roast turkey today! Sooo good." (+45 Strength, +15 Charm)

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