"We only roll out custom decks wit totally sick one-of-a-kind graphics." - Kris

Skate or Cry is a business on the first island. Skateboards can be purchased, and the Skateboarder Profession. It's not recommended to purchase a skateboard, as an ID Card and XXX DVD can be purchased for 2/3 the price of the skateboard and given to the minor on the 3rd island

It is located on the top street and is next to 
Screenshot 13
Laundromat and Easy Gym.
Kris Sells the custom Skateboard for $325
Ashkon Gives the Pro Skateboarder Profession
Cyrus Dialogue NPC

Business hours
Morning Open
Afternoon Open
Evening Open
Night Closed


You must have 40 Charm and a skateboard to get this job. Promotions come from gaining charm. The ranks at Skate or Cry are:

  • Mongo Man - $14 per shift
  • Longboarder - $17 per shift 
  • Ollie Cat - $21 per shift 
  • Rail Buster - $26 per shift 
  • Vert Skater - $33 per shift 
  • Slick Trickster- $39 per shift 
  • Grind God - $51 per shift 
  • Duke of the Deck - $66 per shift
  • Skate Shoe Designer - $85 per shift
  • Legendary Skater - $140 per shift + Pro Skateboard 

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