Tutor Tim

Tutor Tim is an NPC who offers tuition classes inside the university. He is there from morning to evening. He charges $20 per session, and each session lasts an hour.


"Hey man, you need some help with school? I'm always here if you need tutoring."

Tutoring Scenarios

You probably shouldn't have pulled an all-nighter last night... you fell asleep during your tutoring session. (-1 Intelligence)

Tim tried to help you with your organic chemistry, but you were distracted studying female physiology. (+1 Intelligence, +3 Charm)

You bailed early on tutoring to hit up a toga party. Toga! Toga! Toga! (+1 Intelligence, +3 Charm)

You won the keg stand competition during your tutoring session... at a frat party 15 miles away. (+1 Intelligence, +5 Charm)

You periodically went over the periodic table, while primarily chatting about wormholes and dark matter. (+2 Intelligence)

You got learned. (+3 Intelligence)

You played chess; Tim won every game. (+3 Intelligence)

You went over calculus and trigonometry. Tough, but informative. (+3 Intelligence)

I before E, except after C... (+4 Intelligence)

Your tutoring session paid off! (+4 Intelligence)

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