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Vinnie next to the player

Vinnie is a character in the Third Island, Paper Thin City. Vinnie gives out assassination missions but the player will first need 180 Strength and Negative Karma. Vinnie can be seen at Wally Mart in the morning along with his associate, Vinnie's Goon. Vinnie owns Vinnie's, a bar on the Third Island where Vinnie gives out the assassination missions. The reward for ranking all the way to the top is the Secret Weapon.




  • Vinnie can possibly be a member or associate of the Eastside Mob, judging by both of there Italian decent and slang.
  • He is known to be really dangerous.
  • Behind Vinnie's Bar is an Eastside Mobster that wields a Sledgehammer, which if defeated, grants Good Karma and +Charm. A glitch can be exposed so that you can fight as many times as you wish.
  • He is probably based in the Sift Heads game series, where the main character is also called Vinnie and he is a hitman. However, in the Sift Heads series, Vinnie doesn't own a bar or a mafia, and he isn't accompanied with bodyguards.
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