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Weapon looks

All weapons in the game have differences and im going to show them to you and im going to tell you what they do and how they look.

Weapon type Low Middle High
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 9
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 10
Screenshot 14sda
Screenshot 39
Screenshot 38
Screenshot 11
Screenshot 12
Screenshot 133
Screenshot 15
Screenshot 16
Screenshot 17
Screenshot 37
Machine gun's
Screenshot 34
Screenshot 33
Screenshot 35
Chainsaw's s
Screenshot 21
Screenshot 22
Screenshot 23
Light saber's
Screenshot 24
Screenshot 25
Screenshot 26
Tesla Helmet's
Screenshot 27
Screenshot 28
Screenshot 36
Screenshot 29
Screenshot 30
Screenshot 31
Screenshot 40
Screenshot 41
Screenshot 32
Screenshot 18
Screenshot 19
Screenshot 20

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