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XGenStudios HQ

XGenStudios is a video game company located beside your starter basement house. The interior consists of many tables with several game developers and other rooms in the back. There are posters on the walls of characters from the game as well. You may apply to become a Video Game Developer inside. 


Video Game Developer Job


Morning: Open

Afternoon: Open

Evening: Open (Nobody will be there.)

Night: Closed

Jobs and Promotions

  • Video Game Developer
    • Studios Intern $20 " You did what people asked all day "
    • Videogame Tester $25 " You played the same game for hours in a row testing features. You now hate that game."
    • Pixel Pusher $30 " You spent your time making pixel art "
    • Code Monkey $40 " Coded 1000 lines of code. Making progress "
    • Concept Artist $50 " You drew pretty pictures all shift "
    • Level Designer $75 " You worked on a complex jumping puzzle. Does anyone actually like jumping puzzles? "
    • Programming Prodigy $100 " Coded 10,000 lines of code. You're super freak, super freak!"
    • Epic Producer $125 " Professionally produced projects for programming prodigy programmers"
    • Legendary Designer $150 " You wowed the team with your design results."
    • Miyamoto 2.0 $175 and Masamune Katana " You are daring , eccentric , and brilliant. You can do whatever the &%$# you want in this company "


  • The building's existance is an obvious play on XGen Studios, the company that created the game.
  • The exterior of the building shows that the company is awfully small, smaller than your basement house. When you enter however, the rooms are fairly large.
  • One character in this building mentions a future update. "Maybe I'll have a quest in a..future update." You can find him near a computer desk, assisting another character. "It's simple, the password key is 'simple'."

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